MOVE Bank’s 2023 AGM was held on 15 November 2023. We always enjoy the opportunity to connect with our members in person and appreciate the participation of our members in this governance process.

The AGM offered a chance for members to reconnect, and the new format received positive feedback, especially regarding morning tea and coffee. While some members expressed a preference for a nighttime event, we value all feedback and will take it into account for next year's AGM.

Our AGM provides an opportunity for MOVE Bank members to vote on motions relating to the governance of the organisation and ask questions directly to our Board of Directors and Executive Staff. At this year’s AGM, members approved the following motions:

  • The re-election of Tim Staley as a Director
  • The maximum total annual remuneration pool for the Board of Directors from 2023-2024

MOVE Bank Chair Scott Reidel and CEO Mike Currie spoke about our performance and achievements over the past financial year including:

  • Member satisfaction remaining high with MOVE Bank achieving a 4.5 star rating and net promoter score of +48 for overall experience in our latest survey
  • Highest loan funding year on record and stable profit levels.
  • In a year where the official cash rate has risen by 4%, striving to balance the needs of all members, whether depositors or borrowers
  • Investment in technology infrastructure and resilience

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