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Home Loans - Effective 11 May 2018

  Interest Rate  Comparison Rate  
 Straightforward Home Loan L51*   3.59%   3.62%   More info
 First Home Loan L60 (Variable Rate)   3.99%   4.02% More info
 Economy Home Loan L50   3.99%   4.08% More info
 Standard Variable Rate Home Loan L20   4.85%   4.88% More info

*Loan is available for new loans over $150,000. Owner occupied only. Maximum LVR is 95%. Lenders Mortgage Insurance applies to loans over 80% of the property value.

myHome Package Home Loan - Effective 11 May 2018
  Total Mortgage Borrowing Discount***  
myHome Package L21 Up to $249,999 0.75% More info
myHome Package L21 $250,000 to $499,999 0.85% More info
myHome Package L21 $500,000 to $749,999 0.95% More info
myHome Package L21 $750,000+ 1.05% More info

*** Discount is off the Standard Variable Rate Home Loan.

Fixed Rate Home Loans - Effective 6 February 2019
  Interest Rate Comparison Rate  
First Home Loan L60 - Special 1 Year Introductory Offer 3.69% 3.99% More info
Flexi Fixed Rate Home Loan 1 year L43 3.79% 4.78% More info
Flexi Fixed Rate Home Loan 2 year L43 3.89% 4.70% More info
Flexi Fixed Rate Home Loan 3 year L43 3.99% 4.65% More info
Lockit Fixed Rate Home Loan 5 year L40 4.39% 4.69% More info


Effective 17 October 2017
  Interest Rate Comparison Rate  
Wealth Builder Loan L14 4.39% 4.42% More info
Standard Variable Rate Investment Loan L15 5.25% 5.28% More info


myWealth Package Investment Loan - Effective 17 October 2017
  Total Amount Borrowing Discount**  
myWealth Package L16 Up to $249,999 0.75% More info
  $250,000 to $499,99 0.85% More info
  $500,00 to $749,999 0.95% More info
  $750,000+ 1.05% More info

** Discount is off Standard Variable Rate Investment Loan.

Fixed Rate Investment Home Loans - Effective 6 February 2019
  Interest Rate Comparison Rate1  
Lockit Investment Home Loan 1 year     4.19%   5.18%   More info
Lockit Investment Home Loan 3 year     4.09%   4.97% More info



Effective 25 January 2018
  Interest Rate Comparison Rate  
Fixed New Car Loan L23 5.39% 5.66% More info
Any Age Car Loan L12 10.69% 10.97% More info
Personal Loan L11 13.74% 14.79% More info
Personal Loan L10 Special^ 8.97% 9.99% More info
Flexi Personal Credit**** 12.29%   More info

^Conditions: Minimum loan amount is $10,000. Loan is not available for internal refinance. All applications are subject to MOVE’s standard credit assessment and eligibility criteria. MOVE reserves the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time.
**** When this account is in credit, interest is calculated and paid as per the SAVINGS rate for Everyday Saver S1, S22 or S33

Effective 09 April 2019
  Purchase Rate Cash Advance Rate  
Low Rate Credit Card# S7   8.99% 12.99% More info

# Terms and conditions apply including minimum credit limit, please see the Key Fact Sheet on our website for further details. All credit card applications are subject to credit assessment and approval. Fees and charges apply. 

   Interest Rate  
 Everyday Saver S1   0.01% More info 
 Everyday Saver S22 & 33   0.01% More info

*Interest calculated on daily balance and paid monthly.

Savings Accounts - From 15 February 2019
  Variable Rate Base Rate  
Bonus Saver S10^*# 2.90% 1.70% More info
Express Saver S50^* 2.20%   More info
First Home Saver Account S60^* 2.20%   More info
Christmas Saver Account S8+ 0.50%   More info

*Bonus rate applied on balances up to $250,000 when the account holder makes a minimum deposit of $200 and no withdrawals within a calendar month. Otherwise, base rate applies.

Available only to shareholding members. 

^Online Savings Accounts. Paper statements are not available for these accounts

*Interest calculated on daily balance and paid monthly. 

+Interest calculated on the minimum monthly balance and paid on 31 October.

~ No credit interest will be paid to the savings account when it is an offset facility even where the credit balance exceeds the debit balance of the nominated loan account. 

Deposits (Cheque and Internet Banking) over $2M are subject to acceptance criteria and negotiation.

From 2nd June 2017
Term Minimum $5,000 Interest Paid  
3 Months  2.30%  At Maturity More info
4 Months  2.35%  At Maturity More info
5 Months  2.40%  At Maturity More info
6 Months  2.40%  At Maturity More info
7 Months  2.40%  At Maturity More info
8 Months  2.45%  At Maturity More info
9 Months  2.45%  At Maturity More info
10 Months  2.45%  At Maturity More info
11 Months  2.45%  At Maturity More info
12 Months  2.50%  At Maturity More info
13 to 14 Months  2.50%  Annually* More info
15 to 24 Months  2.60%  Annually* More info
12 to 14 Months  2.40%  Monthly More info
15 to 24 Months  2.50%  Monthly More info

Interest paid annually and at maturity. *For terms longer than 12 months, interest is paid at 12 months and then maturity. Interest rates are subject to change. All rates quoted are per annum (p.a.)
Seen a better rate? We can negotiate the rate on a term deposit where your total term deposit portfolio is at least $200,000.  


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