MOVE Bank has partnered with Car Search Brokers Australia to take the hassle out of finding your new car. 

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Buying a new car doesn’t need to be stressful or time-consuming. Our car buying service ensures that when you buy a car you get value for money and enjoy a hassle-free buying experience.


Car Search Brokers Australia

They do what most people only do once or twice a decade – seeking quality vehicles and negotiating deals on them. Over the last 40+ years, they have established an Australia-wide network of trusted contacts to ensure they can source the best car for you, quickly and on budget. Meaning you can save between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars on your new car. They may also be able to secure cars more quickly where there are long lead times.

You will enjoy independent professional advice on buying a car from Car Search Brokers. If you have particular needs and would like certain features in your next car, or you need advice on what car would best suit your lifestyle, they are here to help. They can also organise the trade-in or selling of an existing car on your behalf as well, making the entire car buying process simple.

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Car Search Brokers Australia Pty Ltd ABN 33 050 404 129 is a third-party provider of professional car procurement services that has partnered with MOVE Bank for over 30 years. MOVE Bank will receive a commission payment where MOVE Bank members purchase a vehicle through the procurement services of Car Search Brokers Australia. Car Search Brokers is not licensed to provide financial, legal, or accounting advice and members are encouraged to seek their own independent advice where appropriate.

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