Issue 21 - Wrap up of our 52nd Annual General Meeting

MOVE Bank’s 2020 AGM was held on 17 November 2020 and it was great to welcome members to our first hybrid AGM. Our AGM is an opportunity for members to vote on motions relating to the governance of MOVE Bank and ask questions of our Board of Directors and Executives. During the AGM members voted on a number of motions, including the appointment o...

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Issue 21 - Protect your home this storm season

Storm season serves as a sombre reminder of mother nature’s power. Though often short, storms pack a mean punch and can be extremely destructive- damaging homes, blocking roads and even taking out power lines. So with storm season well and truly here, we’ve gathered some practical tips to help safeguard your family and home in the event of wild we...

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Issue 21 - Member Survey Insights

Thank you to all members who took the time to complete our annual member survey in October last year- your insights are invaluable. We received an impressive amount of information about what we’re doing well and opportunities where we can improve. What you said More features You told us that while you like the user-friendliness of the MOVE Ban...

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Issue 21 - New year, old debt?

If you’re looking to reduce your credit card debt in 2021, a balance transfer may be worth looking in to. A balance transfer lets you move the balance owing on your existing credit card to another with a lower or 0% interest rate. Balance transfers are a great option if you’re paying a higher rate on your current credit card and want to save money...

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Issue 21 - Protect yourself from online scams

Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated, finding new ways to trick people into sharing their personal information. With new scams emerging every day and with over $132 million lost to scams in Australia in 2020[1], it is important to take steps to protect your personal information and accounts. Here we explain our top tips to avoid be...

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