New Years Resolutions: Improving your Financial Position

As we head into the new year, many of us will be thinking about what the fresh start can bring and our goals for 2023. If your goal is to improve your financial position, we are here to help! A goal without a plan is just a wish, so here are some tips to help turn your wish to reality. Kick start your savings by taking out a Growth Saver! That’s ...

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Wrap up of our 54th Annual General Meeting

Our AGM provides an opportunity for MOVE Bank members to vote on motions relating to the governance of the organisation and ask questions directly to our Board of Directors and Executive Staff. At this year’s AGM members approved the following motions: The re-election of Scott Reidel as a Director The re-election of Mick Skinner as a Director ...

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Trust But Verify

Working in the MOVE Bank contact centre, I am aware that we have a member base with long memories. The Whitlam years, the introduction of GST, the fall of the Berlin Wall. I mention this because if we have spoken over the phone about any potential scams that concerned you, I have given you this piece of advice: trust but verify. Trust but verify i...

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