Practical security tips for staying safe online

Scams continue to be the easiest way criminals trick people into providing access to their accounts or transferring money. A recent post from Scam Watch reports a 160% increase in myGov scams in January 2023 compared to the previous month. Don’t be fooled though if it’s not myGov, scams are essentially always the same under different guises. Whethe...

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What is the Government Guarantee?

The Government Guarantee Scheme was put in place during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008 to give the public confidence in the Australian Banking System. Nowadays, it is the known as the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS). The FCS is a government-backed safety net for deposits of up to $250,000 per account holder per Authorised Deposit Institut...

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Let’s talk about digital wallets

What is a digital wallet? A digital wallet is the ability to make secure contactless purchases in stores, and on participating apps and websites using your MOVE Bank Visa debit and/or credit cards via your smartphone or smartwatch device. There are many mobile payment services available in the market, however the two most common are Apple Pay* and...

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Is your fixed rate home loan coming to an end?

Incredibly, it was only in May last year that the RBA increased the cash rate for the first time since 2010.* We have now seen a record-breaking string of increases that have risen us to the highest cash rate in over a decade. While this is far from the highest the cash rate has been, the longer-term low interest rates have contributed to much hi...

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