If you have had your data exposed through a data leak, it is important that you know what to do, and what we can do to keep your information and accounts safe.


First, after the high number of recent data breaches, please know that we have taken extra steps to assist with protecting all our members not just those affected.


If you have had been advised that your information has been leaked, please let us know.

Notify us by emailing info@movebank.com.au.

This will further assist our regular monitoring for any suspicious or fraudulent activities on your account.


The Australia Government’s Scam Watch suggest further steps to protect your personal information which include:

  • Secure your devices and monitor for unusual activity

  • Change your online account passwords and enable multi factor authentication for banking

  • Check your accounts for unusual activity such as items you haven’t purchased

  • Place limits on your accounts

  • If you suspect fraud you can request a ban on your credit report. Also contact us as soon as possible.


For more information, please visit the below links: