Our AGM provides an opportunity for MOVE Bank members to vote on motions relating to the governance of the organisation and ask questions directly to our Board of Directors and Executive Staff.

At this year’s AGM members approved the following motions:

  • The re-election of Scott Reidel as a Director
  • The re-election of Mick Skinner as a Director MOVE Bank

Chair Bron Davies and CEO Therese Turner spoke about our performance and achievements over the past financial year including:

  • Successfully navigating a difficult operating environment to remain strong and secure;
  • Achieving our second highest loan funding year on record; and
  • Delivering a stable profit despite our significant investment in future IT infrastructure.

Our Chair, Bron Davies, advised she will be stepping down as Chair after the AGM with Scott Reidel being appointed our new Chair. Bron was first elected to the Board of Directors of MOVE Bank in November 2012 and became chair in 2019. Her breadth of knowledge and experience in risk management and financial services was instrumental to the forward direction of MOVE. We are grateful for Bron’s tireless effort and significant contributions.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the members who attended the AGM and the members who voted online for playing an important part in MOVE Bank’s governance. Thank you all for your continued support and your participation.

"My husband and I attended the Move Bank AGM recently and we cannot thank you enough for a wonderful night - the most enjoyable social event we have had recently. The speakers were professional and friendly. We were very appreciative of the transparency of the information they offered. The meal was exquisite and made us feel such valued members. Move Bank has a special and unique culture and it was never more prevalent than at this AGM.....so glad we joined Move Bank." - Recent AGM feedback