At MOVE Bank, we offer a range of savings accounts designed to help our members save money and achieve their financial goals. Our savings accounts offer competitive interest rates and a range of features to help you save money.

Express Saver:

The Express Saver offers a competitive interest rate for those member’s that do not use internet banking.

Online Saver:

Our Online Saver account is designed for members who are happy to manage their savings online. It offers a high interest rate and the flexibility to access your funds whenever you need them.

Growth Saver:

Our Growth Saver account is designed for members who want to kickstart their savings, offering our highest interest rate when
you meet the bonus rate conditions. You will earn bonus interest on balances up to $25,000, when you deposit $200 into your account each month and make no withdrawals.

Bonus Saver:

For big savers, maximise your savings with bonus interest for balances up to $250,000. When you deposit $200 and make no withdrawals in a month, you will earn bonus interest on top of the base interest rate.

Christmas Saver:

Our Christmas Saver account is designed for members who want to save for the holiday season. You can deposit money into your account throughout the year and On October 31st the money plus the interest you have earned is released into your nominated account. Just in time for Christmas.

Term Deposits

If you are looking for certainty in your return. You might want to look at one of our Term Deposits. Start with a balance of at least $5,000, with terms from 3 to 24 months,
you can choose a timeframe that works for you. For terms longer than 12 months you can even choose to have your interest paid monthly into your nominated account.

Our savings and transaction accounts come with a range of features. They also offer the peace of mind of knowing your money is safe and secure, covered by the Government Guarantee1. Interest rates on our savings accounts are variable and subject to change. Whether you are looking to save regularly, earn interest on your transaction account, or save for the holiday season, we have an account that will suit your needs. view our savings accounts to learn more about our range of accounts and to open one online today.