If you ever find yourself splitting bills and trying to transfer money between friends, you need to know about PayID.

PayID is an alternate name that you can give to your bank account details, making them much easier to share. Your PayID can be your phone number or email address. Not only is that easier to remember and share than a BSB and account number, but it is also more secure as you don’t need to divulge your personal banking information.
At MOVE Bank, you can create your PayID in your internet banking or mobile app, by choosing Pay and Manage PayIDs

How do I receive money through PayID?

Using a mobile or internet banking platform, the person making the payment will choose PayID and type in your linked PayID: your mobile number or email address. When they type in your PayID, they will be shown your name which helps confirm payment is going to the right place. Once the payment is made, the money will arrive into your account in real-time, although occasionally this may be held for additional security checks, especially if it is the first time sending to that person. If you’re with the person paying you, open your banking app and watch the money appear instantly in your account.


How do I set-up or check what account I linked to my PayID?

All the information is in your MOVE internet banking or mobile app. Within the menu tap on Pay and Manage PayIDs.

Can my PayID be linked to multiple accounts?

You can only have one account linked to each PayID. For example, your mobile number could be linked to your transaction account, but you email address could be linked to your savings account.

Can I change my PayID to be linked to a different account?

Can I change my PayID to be linked to a different account? Absolutely! It is another great benefit of PayID. If you change your account details, you don’t need to update people, just swap the PayID link
and the money will transfer through to your new nominated account.

Do all banks support payment to a PayID?

No, not all, but most. PayID transfers go through the OSKO network, so if a bank doesn't support OSKO instant transfers, they cannot use PayID.