According to Energy Matters making your home energy efficient is good for your back pocket and the planet, but what actions can you take today to help you get started?

Change Your Habits

It might seem simple but being mindful of how you’re using energy around your home is extremely important. Be sure to turn off lights, heating, and cooling in rooms that you’re not using. Reduce the amount of energy appliances use in standby mode by switching them off at the wall when not in use,
and if the switch is hard to reach, invest in a remote controlled adapter.

Go Solar

Installing solar panels to your home is a big way that you can do better for the planet. Whilst there is an initial cost, the use of solar energy in your home can drastically reduce the amount of power you draw from the grid and reduce your power bill in the long run.

Insulation Is Key

Believe it or not, insulation can have a big impact on how comfortable you feel in your home. Proper insulation can help keep out the heat in summer
and hold in the warmth throughout winter. If you’re not building new, you can retrofit energy efficient insulation in your home and expect to see a reduction in the use of your air conditioner and heater.

Consider Your Hot Water System

Hot water systems are the sort of thing we don’t tend to think about until you step into an ice-cold shower. Hot water systems are a substantial source
of energy usage (generally more than the rest of your appliances combined!), and an older less-efficient unit could be driving up your power bill. So if you’ve got an outdated hot water system it could be worth upgrading even if it’s not broken.

Look At Your Lighting

Energy efficient lighting is a quick win when it comes to saving power and the planet. Replace your old bulbs with their LED counterparts which are
longer-lasting and require less energy. LED bulbs are available to purchase just about anywhere and don’t cost much more than the fluorescent alternatives.

Look For A Better Deal

If it’s been a while since you reviewed your electricity provider, explore the market and see if you can be getting a better deal on your electricity and
gas plan. You could even snag an extra discount if you have implemented sustainable practices (like the one’s mentioned above) in your home! Go to to compare energy plans.*


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*Energy Made Easy is a free Australian Government service operated by the Australian Energy Regulator.