The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of Railways Credit Union Limited trading as MOVE Bank (“MOVE Bank”) will be held on Thursday 18 November 2021. A notice of meeting and explanatory statement will be included in MOVE Life sent to shareholders in early October.


Call for Nominations

Nominations are called for the position of Director of MOVE Bank.  In order to be nominated, a candidate must be eligible under Division 13 of MOVE Bank’s constitution. Eligibility requirements include that the nominee must be a shareholding member of MOVE Bank and must either be an employee or have previously been an employee of “QR” as defined in the Constitution which includes:

  • Queensland Rail
  • Aurizon

The Constitution also provides that an individual is not eligible to be an elected director if the person has served as an elected director of MOVE Bank for more than 11 cumulative years. A copy of the constitution is available on MOVE Bank’s website

The nomination must be on the nomination form approved by the Board and requires the candidate to be nominated by 6 shareholding members of MOVE Bank. To obtain a Nomination Pack, please contact the Company Secretary (details below).


The Nomination Pack will include:

  1. Director Nomination Form
  2. Guide for Director Candidates: This guide includes an indication of the time commitment required, the desired qualifications and knowledge, required skills and an overview of the type of information Nominees should include within their Profile of Candidate statement.
  3. Requests and Consents for various searches: Directors of MOVE Bank must meet the “Fit and Proper” requirements contained within the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s Prudential Standard CPS 520 and MOVE Bank’s Fit and Proper Policy. Various searches, including an Australian Federal Police check and credit related searches will need to be undertaken prior to the candidate standing for election.
  4. Director Eligibility Questionnaire: Document requesting details of the candidate’s qualifications, knowledge, skills, experience; employment history, directorships, positions of management and membership of professional or industry bodies.
  5. Board Charter: Outlines various Board and Director related information.


The Director Nomination form is to be returned to the Company Secretary by no later than 9:30 am on Monday 9 August 2021.


On behalf of the Board of Directors

Bernard Luton
Company Secretary

Phone: (07) 3329 7960  Fax: (07) 3329 7961


Note regarding Proxy Voting

To reduce costs and our impact on the environment, this year’s proxy voting will take place online. If you would prefer a printed proxy form, please contact us on 1300 362 216 and we’ll send one to you. Further information about this year’s AGM will be provided in the next issue of MOVE Life.