Storm season serves as a sombre reminder of mother nature’s power. Though often short, storms pack a mean punch and can be extremely destructive- damaging homes, blocking roads and even taking out power lines.

So with storm season well and truly here, we’ve gathered some practical tips to help safeguard your family and home in the event of wild weather.

Organise your emergency and evacuation plan

An emergency and evacuation plan will ensure you and your family knows exactly what to do if the worst happens. Your emergency plan should include details of:

  • Every member of your household (pets included), listing any essential medication or special assistance required
  • Household safety meeting point and emergency kit location
  • Contact numbers for your friends and family, workplace, doctor, vet and suppliers for your electricity, gas, internet, phone etc.
  • Vehicle make and registration details for any cars, boats and caravans
  • Insurance policy details for your home and contents, vehicle, boat, caravan and pets


Pack your emergency kit

It’s a good idea to have a fully stocked emergency kit ready and stored safely in preparation for storm season. Your emergency kit should be kept in a waterproof storage container and stored in a safe place in your home. Suggested essential items you could prepare include:  

  • a portable battery-operated radio and torch with fresh or spare batteries
  • candles with waterproof matches or a gas lantern
  • reasonable stocks of fresh water and tinned or dried food
  • a first aid kit and basic first aid knowledge
  • good supplies of essential medication
  • strong shoes and rubber gloves
  • a waterproof bag for clothing and valuables – put valuables and certificates in the bag and put the bag in a safe place
  • a list of your emergency contact numbers 
  • a car charger for your mobile phone
  • toiletries including toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, sunscreen and insect repellent


Prepare and stay safe

Preparing your home is an important step towards ensuring you and your family stay safe this storm season. Simple steps you can take to get your home storm ready include:

  • Cleaning gutters, down pipes and drains
  • Securing loose items that could cause damage
  • Trimming trees and any overhanging branches
  • Fixing any damage to your roof, including broken or missing tiles

Unfortunately, in severe weather, damage can happen to your property no matter how well you’ve prepared. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure you’re adequately insured, and your policies are up to date.

If it’s been some time since you last reviewed your coverage, our team is available to answer your questions and help you evaluate your protection to ensure life gets back to normal sooner if things go wrong.


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