Bonus Saver Account

Looking for an account that rewards good savings habits? Look no further!

Members can now maximise their savings with the new Bonus Saver account. Simply deposit of $200 per month into your account and make and no withdrawals throughout the month and you’ll earn a massive 2.90% on your nest egg!

Bonus Saver Account


Variable Rate


Bonus Rate


  • Transaction fee-free banking online 24/7
  • Interest calculated daily and paid monthly
  • Earn bonus 0.80% interest when you make deposit at least $200 and make no withdrawals each month

So whether you’re saving for a holiday, a car or even just a rainy day, the Bonus Saver can help you achieve your goals sooner!


New Website

At MOVE Bank we’re always looking for ways to make banking easier and more convenient for our members. So in an exciting step towards enhancing your digital experience with MOVE Bank, we have recently launched our brand new website!

Whether you’re at your desk or on the move, our new website is fully optimised for mobile devices. The new look and feel is designed to help you find what you’re looking for more easily.

Some of the new features include:

  • Easier navigation
  • Responsive Design
  • Refreshed FAQ section
  • New MOVE Bank Blog

Got feedback?

We’d love to hear it! If you’ve used our new website we’d love to hear how you found your experience. Please email us at to let us know what you thought.


Credit Card – Coming Soon!

As part of our member survey earlier this year we asked you whether you would be interested in MOVE Bank credit card. As a result of the positive response we received, we are excited to announce that we’ll be launching our first MOVE Bank credit card coming in early 2019!

Interested in a MOVE Bank Credit Card?

Email us at and we’ll let you know when you can expect the new card to be available.