We’ve recently been made aware of an increase in phone scams aimed at gaining access to your personal and banking information.


What does this scam involve?

In the most simple phone scams callers may claim to be a MOVE Bank representative. These scammers will often try to convince you that there is an issue with your account and that you need to “confirm” details such as internet banking login information to regain access to your account. 

Other scammers claim to represent official bodies such as the Australian Banking Association (ABA) and will ask you to provide your personal information or bank details as part of a customer satisfaction survey. Some of the tactics used by scammers these include:

  • Asking how long you’ve been with your current bank and whether you are satisfied with them
  • Asking for personal and banking details, including your bank account or credit card number, PINs or internet banking login
  • Telling people they are owed a ‘refund’ for overcharged bank fees - but that it can only be processed once they have to paid a fee via Western Union


How do I protect myself from this scam?

If you receive a phone call from someone in relation to your banking, simply ask for their number to call them back. If you’re speaking with a MOVE representative this won’t be a problem.

Remember to be suspicious if you are asked to provide any of the following information:

  • Internet banking password
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Visa card details


What do I do if I think I’ve been scammed?

If you have reason to believe you have provided your personal details to someone who is not a MOVE Bank representative, please contact us immediately.


Help us keep other members safe by reporting any suspicious calls as soon as possible on 1300 362 216.