Once you've received your card, you will need to activate it before you can use it. You can activate your card online at any time using Internet Banking, using the App or over the phone (during business hours). 

Payments are applied after interest, fees and charges are applied. Firstly to the balances attracting the highest interest rate, down to the balances attracting the lowest rate, in descending order.

Up to 45 days on purchases depending on when the purchase is made. There are no interest free days for cash advances and balance transfers. 

The interest is calculated daily on outstanding closing balance, and the interest is debited on the 5th day of the month.

If you miss a payment or make a payment late, you'll be charged a late payment fee. If you exceed your approved limit, you may be charged an over limit fee.

Yes. You can make additional payments to your MOVE Bank credit card at any time during the month. You don't need to wait until you receive your monthly statement to pay. Making additional repayments will reduce your balance faster and reduce any interest charges.

You can decrease your credit limit by completing an online form, by emailing or calling us. The limit can only be decreased to the amount of your current balance owing.

Yes. At MOVE Bank we focus on lending responsibly, which means that you may be unable to use your credit card for gambling purposes.

A balance transfer refers to a transfer of an outstanding balance from another credit, charge or store card to your MOVE Bank credit card. Balance transfers do not refer to transfers of money between any other MOVE Bank accounts.

No. You can only request a balance transfer at the time of applying for your credit card to clear balances held on credit cards held with another lender.

You can request a balance transfer when you apply for your credit card and MOVE Bank will arrange to transfer the balance.  If you take advantage of a promotional balance transfer rate offer, the period starts when the balance is transferred. The variable purchase rate will apply to the balance transfer left unpaid at the end of the promotional period.

The maximum balance transfer amount is 80% of the available credit limit. A minimum of $500 applies per balance transfer.

Allow up to 5 business days for MOVE Bank to complete the balance transfer request.

Yes. An additional credit card can be issued on the primary cardholder's credit card account to any nominated person 18 years and over. Additional cards will be issued in the additional cardholder's name. All transactions using the additional credit card are the responsibility of the primary cardholder. You will need to complete an Additional Cardholder Form

If you want to change your current PIN, you can do this using Internet Banking or the MOVE Bank App.

Your credit card features an embedded chip that gives you access to the latest in card security. The chip also gives you the option of paying with Visa payWave wherever you see the Visa and contactless symbol. There is no need to enter your PIN for purchases under $100, making your transactions fast and convenient.

Lost, stolen or misplaced cards can be blocked or permanently cancelled. You can report your card lost or stolen online at any time using the Mobile Banking App, by visiting a MOVE Bank branch, by calling us or calling the Visa card hotline. Temporary card block can only be activated using the MOVE Bank App.