The Christmas Saver Account from MOVE Bank lets you put a little bit away each fortnight to prepare you for the holiday season.
On October 31st the money plus the interest you have earned is released into your nominated account.


0.50 % p.a. Interest rate

Product Features:

Savings Accounts
Annual Fee : $0
Monthly Fee : $0
Funds Available : Yes
Minimum Amount : $0
Maximum Amount : $0
Debit Card : No
ATM / EFTPOS Access : No
Online & Phone Banking : Yes
BPAY : Yes
Interest Income : Calculated on minimum monthly balance and paid on 31st October

How much interest would I earn?

Special Offers

Bonus Saver

Maximise your savings with our BIG bonus interest! Earn up to 2.9% when you deposit $200 and make no withdrawals in a month.