We’ve been made aware of a recent increase in remote scams which are aimed at gaining access to your computer and banking information.

To protect yourself and your MOVE Bank accounts, be sure to read on for important information on how to spot a remote scam and how to protect yourself.

What is a remote scam?

Remote scams involve fraudsters attempting to gain access to your computer by posing as a well-known business, often relating to telecommunications or computers.

They will claim your computer has a problem such as a virus or error message, and request remote access to help you solve it. This generally involves asking you to download a piece of remote access software - TeamViewer or AnyDesk are common.

Once access is provided, scammers will often ask you to pay a fee to fix the ‘problem’. They can then inflict further damage through malware and keyloggers, used to capture confidential information such as bank account details.

What are the warning signs?

Some tell-tale signs of a remote scam include:

  • Receiving a phone call out of the blue, with the caller claiming to be from a well-known business or technical support
  • They state that there is a problem with your computer or internet
  • They use highly technical language to convince or confuse you
  • The caller asks you to install a piece of software
  • They are persistent and become agitated if you don’t follow direction

How do I protect myself?

There are a range of steps you can take to protect yourself from remote scammers:

  • Never open links or attachments from untrustworthy websites or emails
  • Never give your personal information over the phone, unless you made the call and the phone number came from a trusted source
  • If you receive an unsolicited phone call asking for remote access, hang up immediately, even if a well-known company is mentioned
  • Keep your computer up-to-date with anti-virus software and a good firewall

Finally, remember that anyone can be a target. Even if you have a private number and are on the Australian Government’s Do Not Call Register, your details can be obtained fraudulently.

What to do if I’ve been scammed?

If you think you’ve fallen victim to a scam, please contact us as soon as possible. You can also report it on scamwatch.gov.au so that others can be warned of current scams.

Remember, MOVE Bank will never ask for your internet banking password or remote access to your computer. If you’ve provided your password to someone else, please let us know immediately on 1300 362 216.