Board of Directors

Your directors are all either current or former employees of Queensland Rail and Aurizon and are motivated by ensuring MOVE Bank is successful in delivering its promise.

From left to right

Kellie Dyer
Scott Riedel
Andrew Haynes - Retired 15 March 2020
Andrew Hughes
Bron Davies - Chair
Mick Skinner
Bill Armagnacq- Absent


Executive Team

Coming from diverse backgrounds, our Executive Team lead MOVE Bank by example – giving each member of their team a sense of ownership, inspiring them to deliver exceptional service and empowering them to meet your personal needs wherever possible.



From left to right

Chief Experience Officer | Rachel Young
Chief Financial Officer | Jeff Urquhart
Chief Executive Officer | Therese Turner
CRO & Company Secretary | Bernard Luton
Chief Information Officer | Geoff Ryan
Chief People Officer | Nikki Hutson
Chief Credit Officer | Steven Galdona - Absent

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