Crunching the numbers of your financial goals doesn't have to be hard. Instead, use our calculators to identify opportunities for savings, figure out what your repayments on a loan would be, how long it will take you to repay your loan and much more!

Borrowing Power

Estimate how much you could borrow

Budget Planner

Input your current income and expenses to analyse them in detail and identify opportunities for saving.

Loan Comparison

Compare the loans of your choice

Loan Calculator

Whatever life stage you're at, we can help you

Income Tax

Calculate your income tax

Extra repayment

Save time and money with extra repayments

Stamp Duty

Enter your information about your new home purchase and calculate an estimated amount of stamp duty you will have to pay.

Lump Sum

Enter a lump sum amount and when during the term of the mortgage it will be deposited and see what difference it makes.

Car Loan

Try our easy to use car loan repayments calculator.

Split Loan

Find out what your fortnightly repayments on your loan will be

Savings Plan

See how your regular saving and the interest you earn will help you reach your financial goals.

Term Deposit

See how fast your savings can grow based on interest rates, types and different scenarios.

Personal Loan

Use the MOVE Bank personal loan repayment calculator to estimate repayments on a personal loan

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