Our Summary of Accounts and Access Facilities, Fees and Charges, Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy have been updated. Changes include: 

Effective 17 June 2020

Summary of Accounts and Access Facilities

  • We've added that an offset is now available on the Everyday Saver and Express Saver with our Complete Package loans

Fees and Charges

  • We've increased the annual package fee to $395 

Effective 1 July 2020 

Conditions of Use

  • Under the ‘Account combination’ section, we’ve expanded to include combination of deposit balances with any other account in the same name
  • Amendment to the 'Using telephone and internet banking' section to include that we may require 2 factor authentication to be activated before allowing or continuing to allow Internet Banking access

 Privacy Policy

  • Under the disclosure section, we’ve added insurance brokers and information about insurance data that may be held outside Australia

The updated Summary of Accounts and Access Facilities, Privacy Policy and Conditions of Use are available at movebank.com.au/importantdocuments and the updated Fees and Charges are available at movebank.com.au/fees