Membership Eligibility with MOVE Bank

Shareholding Membership

Our shareholding members are drawn from people who work in the transport, rail and logistics industries and their families. If you have a relative who works in the rail, transport or logistics industry, they'll need to be a MOVE Bank member for you to be eligible to become a shareholding member. The cost of your member share is $10.00, however you’ll also be pleased to know that payment of your share is deferred until called for by the Board of Directors. As a member you are part owner of MOVE Bank, which means you are entitled to have a say in our business including the right to vote at members’ meetings.

Non-Shareholding Membership

The primary difference between shareholding and non-shareholding membership is that non-shareholding members do not need to be affiliated with the rail, transport and logistics industries. Our non-shareholding members are able to access the same high-quality lending products as our shareholding members. We also have a great range of everyday banking products with some exclusions for non-shareholding members. For a full list of these products, please click here.