We need a summary of your living expenses as part of your loan application

If you have any questions or need support, please contact your lending specialist.

Please note: for joint applications, we only require one combined living expenses unless the applicants do not live together, in which case each applicant should complete their own separately.


(If known)


Supermarket, Butcher, Baker, Deli

Clothing and Personal Care

Clothing, Shoes, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Hair and Beauty

Recreation and Entertainment

Eating Out, Takeaway, Activities, Sports and Cultural Events, Shows, Liquor, Gambling

Telephone, internet, pay TV and media streaming subscriptions

Home Phone, Internet, Mobile Phone, Cable TV, Streaming TV, Streaming Music and Audio


Petrol, Tolls, Parking, Rego, Maintenance, Roadside Assistance, Public Transport, Taxi & Ridesharing

Primary Residence Running Costs

Utilities (Water, Gas, Electricity), Rates, Body Corporate or Strata Fees

Investment Property Running Costs

Agent Fees, Rates, Body Corporate or Strata Fees, Landlord Insurance

Medical and Health

Doctor, Physio/Chiro, Optical, Dental, Medication

Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance

General Basic Insurances

Home and Contents, Car, Travel

Public School Education

School fees, Uniform, Extra-Curricular Activities, Books and Stationery (excl. Private School Fees)


Day Care, Before/After School Care, Nannies, Baby-Sitting

Other Living Expenses

Pets, Holidays, Gifts, Other Discretionary Spending

Child and Spousal Maintenance

Child Support, Spousal Maintenance

Other Commitments

e.g. Private School Fees and Associated Expenses, TAFE/Uni Fees (not HECS), Gym or Club Memberships, Union fees