About Open Banking

Open Banking is a component of the Consumer Data Right (CDR), introduced by the Federal Government to give customers rights to their data.

There are a number of stages in the CDR rollout. MOVE Bank is currently sharing product data with developers in accordance with the requirements. If you are a developer, please click here to access the API.


How does open banking help me?

Under the CDR legislation, you will be able to request access to and correct CDR data about you. You will also be able to authorise us to share this data with accredited persons.

To find more information about who is accredited to receive data as part of open banking, read here


MOVE Bank's Consumer Data Right Policy



Frequently Asked Questions

No. We will share nominated data with accredited third parties once you have authorised it.

If you opt in to share information with a nominated third party, you can share information such as:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Your account summary, balance and transaction history
  • Direct debits and scheduled payments
  • Saved payees

This information can be shared for open accounts including transaction and savings accounts, term deposits, home and personal loans, credit or debit card facilities.

At this time you are unable to share data from joint accounts.

If you opt in to share information with an accredited third party, there are a range of security measures in place to protect it.

All participants under Open Banking which send and receive data must be accredited by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) which have set strict security standards and accreditation criteria.

You can learn more about Open Banking at www.cdr.gov.au. You can also review our Consumer Data Right Policy here.