MoneyHub is our web-based interactive financial education program that's yours to use for free. It offers tips for people of all ages and backgrounds on how to better manage your finances and build wealth for the long term.

The modules are easy to follow and packed with strategies and tips of financial wisdom. It's our way of giving you the tools to become even more financially savvy, in the shortest time possible. Get started with MoneyHub below.

Your wheel of life

A helicopter view of the most important aspects of your life helps to determine what to focus on for success

Establishing goals

Setting SMART goals will help you stay motivated and help you to achieve them faster

Financial planning

Good financial advice helps you set goals and make confident and informed financial decisions

Income streams

Turn you superannuation and other investments into retirement income streams

Building good money habits

Times are changing. Learn how to plan for your financial future

Debt Basics

Not all debt is necessarily bad. Learn the difference and how to best leverage good debt

Calculating Risks

Learn the reasons why insurance id critical and for what circumstances it can assist with 

Types of Investments

Maintaining a good credit history will help you financially throughout your life

Your Credit History

Maintaining a good credit history will help you financially throughout you life

Retirement Basics

The importance of planning for retirement is high. Learn about it here

Funding Retirement

Making good choice now will put your in a better position in retirement

Super Investments

Take control of your superannuation with helpful information and tips

Super Basics

Learning the ins and outs of all things superannuation

Tax Tips

Stress less at tax with all you need to know about tax

Spending and Savings

Keep track of you finances with tips about keeping a money diary

Transition to Retirement

Learn all you need to know about transitioning into retirement from a financial perspective   

Women and Super

The information you need to take action on your finances

Budgeting Tips

Tips on how to be a better budgeter and what it could mean for the long-term

Leaving Home

Leaving home for the first time requires financial understanding and know-how

Saving For Your Goals

Reaching your goals can be easier with more financial knowledge about savings

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