The global outbreak of COVID-19 means we are all facing challenges and uncertainty in many areas of our lives.

We understand that members will be affected by current events and some will suffer financial hardship. The following assistance package is available to support members financially impacted by COVID-19.


We know that the last thing our members need during this time of uncertainty is the added stress of paying fees. To relieve this burden, we will cease charging the following fees until further notice:

  • Staff assisted transfer fees

  • Card and cheque book replacement fees

  • Dishonour and exception fees

If you need access to your term deposit, you can do so without an interest deduction.

Please note: In March we announced a temporary waiver on several fees and charges as part of our wider COVID-19 relief package. As of 1 October, we will recommence charging the above fees. If you are in need of assistance, please contact us for these fees to be waived on 1300 362 216


We are offering a range of financial relief for impacted members with loans, including: 

  • Deferment of home loan payments up to 6 months, including a 3 month checkpoint

  • Deferment of all other loan payments for 3 months

  • Priority processing of personal loans if you're in need of emergency funds with establishment fees waived

  • Waiving the staff assisted redraw fee

We’re here to help

If you are concerned about your ability to make your regular repayments, we encourage you to complete the form below. 

You can defer your home loan repayments up to 6 months and all other loan repayments up to 3 months

Important: the deferred interest on your loans will be capitalised. This means that your loan repayments will slightly increase for the remainder of your loan term.

Important: if you've organised repayments from another bank, you'll need to contact that bank to arrange the suspension of payments.

Once submitted, we'll make an assessment of your loan facilities and advise you in writing of the changed conditions for your loan.