It's our pleasure to invite you to the 53rd Annual General Meeting of Railways Credit Union Limited trading as MOVE Bank on Tuesday 16 November 2021.

Full details for this year's meeting have been sent in an information pack to all shareholding members which included:

  • Notice of meeting

  • Meeting agenda

  • Simplified financial report

How to proxy vote online:

If you're unable to attend the AGM in person, you can still vote by proxy. To do this, simply:

  1. Click VOTE NOW below 
  2. Log in using your member number and your postal address postcode
  3. Review your member details
  4. Review the important information provided about this year's AGM
  5. To nominate a proxy, select either the Chair or another proxy using the checkboxes provided
  6. You will now see three resolutions to be voted on. For each resolution, you can choose to vote for, against or abstain
    Note: If you would like your proxy to decide for you, click NEXT without selecting an option to cast an open vote
  7. A summary of your votes will be provided for review, unless you cast an open vote. If you would like an email confirmation of your vote, please enter your email address in the space provided
  8. If all the information is correct, click SUBMIT. To change your votes click EDIT, and you will be returned to the voting page 

Online voting closed at 6 pm (EST) on Sunday 14 November 2021