With soaring property prices and increased living expenses, saving for a first home can be a struggle.

But what if there was an easier way? A family pledge could be an option.

Having a family pledge (sometimes referred to as a guarantor) on your home loan will reduce the need of having a large deposit and means that you’ll be able to get into your first home sooner.

What is a Family Pledge?

A family pledge involves a parent guaranteeing part of your home loan with the equity in their home. This allows you to reduce the overall deposit required and means you avoid paying Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). 

While your parents aren’t required to make any repayments on your home loan, they could be asked to make repayments if you can no longer keep up them. That’s why being a guarantor is a big financial commitment.

Keep in mind: Your lender will check that you can service the home loan on your income alone, not your parent’s income.

Benefits for First Home Buyers

If you’ve saved a small deposit, having a family pledge will mean that you will either avoid or reduce the costs of LMI when you apply for your first home loan.

Benefits for Parents

A lot of parents we talk to want to help their kids with their first home deposit but don’t have the cash to give them up front. That’s where a family pledge can come in handy. Instead of cash, parents use the equity in their property as extra security on their kid’s first home loan. This reduces the amount of money their kid will need to borrow. 


MOVE Bank Member Rowan is looking to buy his first property for $500,000 and needs to borrow $480,000. In this instance, his home loan would have a Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) of 95% which would usually incur LMI.

Instead, Rowan’s parents decide to help Rowan out with a family pledge (using the equity in their property as security), reducing the total LVR and avoiding the need for LMI. This saved Rowan thousands of dollars and years off his home loan.

Get Advice

If you're considering a family pledge, it’s best to seek independent legal and financial advice so that you're aware of the risks involved.  

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